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end/line week 4 reflection

After plenty of tutorial time and playing around, I am getting the swing of the EJS integration with the bootstrap pages I’m creating. The focus for this week was two things – the first was taking what I already fleshed out in bootstrap, and putting it into an EJS/Express/Node environment. After a recommendation from Brian […]

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end/line: week 4

The discussion during the last week was close to the kind of expertise I provide for my team: indeed, me and Michael are responsible for the Community Management development of end/line. Last week’s readings emphasized the relevance of the image for a digital project, especially if the audience to reach is made of academics or scholars or […]

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Sticker Mule

This is just some information sharing. I love Sticker Mule! I’m partial to their die cut stickers, which always seem to come out cheaper than the price listed. Here is some of their handiwork: Sticker Mule is in NYC, and their turnaround time is fast.

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Lauren Biographical Statement

As an early-ish career librarian in a small liberal arts inclined academic library, I have wanted to develop my technical skills in support of library functions by participating in digital humanities projects and scholarship.  This is currently being accomplished through the pursuit of a second masters degree from the CUNY Graduate Center’s MALS in Digital […]

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end/line week 3

Thankfully, it looks like this project is moving along pretty well. We now have our data management plan in place, and it looks like both the community management and development ends are in the trenches when it comes to the work being done. We’ve also all adapted pretty well to the workflow with Slack and […]

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Data Management for an Information Professional

I wrote this in my diary last week, which I’ve been keeping private because I’m a weirdo, but I just realized the non-journal assignments should go here.  In my personal and professional practices, I have data, photos, and files in/on (as I think of them): Dropbox My work network drive Work Google drive Personal Google drive Facebook […]

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end/line: week 3

During the last class, we have been asked to focus on our data management plan, another fundamental step for the development of our digital project. Indeed, end/line is an app where users can upload poems in plain text, encode them following TEI Guidelines and finally compare their own encoding with other users. So, we will deal […]

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end/line: week 2

During our last class meeting, we started to discuss about data management, trying to define which kind of datas we need to build our project and, also, sketching a first graphical, “concrete” draft of it by pen and paper. My duties are related to the Community Management of the project, especially considering the TEI Community. So, during […]

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End/Line Week 1 Reflection

On the project, I have one main role and two assistant roles. My main role is being the frontend developer. The tasks that are included with this role are working within a framework, compiling a wireframe for review with my group, and major debugging. I have some experience with HTML/CSS and development concepts, but I’m […]

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Let’s the adventure begins

The title of this post might sound provocative or, maybe, ironic: on the contrary, my intention is totally different. Indeed, I consider the building of the digital project I am involved in (“Encoding as Close Reading”, proposed by Tom) as an amazing adventure, unpredictable but surely unforgettable, If every digital project is a collaborative kind […]

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