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Thoughts on Evaluation Criteria

I am sharing a set of evaluation criteria and questions. I feel like it is a very necessary caveat I am not coming from a place of authority or expertise. Instead, I’m going to share criteria highlighted in this week’s readings and last week’s discussion led by Dr. Rhody of a proposal’s format, content, considerations, […]

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DH and Art and Art History

My final paper was a reflection on my data project, the semester, and the unsettled position of art history and art within the digital humanities. I’ve discussed the hopes and problems I had for my data project several times in the past. One of my goals for the semester was to learn how digital humanities […]

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Guest Editing at Digital Humanities Now While Mourning the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

I spent a particularly difficult week as a volunteer editor-at-large for DHNow. As I write this blog entry, I have gone through several stages of grief in light of Donald Trump’s election. Earlier this year, my family and I took citizenship oaths and were thrilled to be living some form of the American Dream. The […]

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Data Project: (A Selection From) On Kawara’s Time Series

Aside from the juvenilia, many of On Kawara’s most famous works are documents of movement and time. For his I Got Up series, Kawara sent two postcards every day between May 10, 1968 and September 17, 1979. Each postcard is stamped with the words “I GOT UP AT” with the time that Kawara got up. […]

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Planned Obsolescence, Preservation

In the fourth chapter of Dr. Kathleen Fitzpatrick’s Planned Obsolescence, titled “Preservation,” Dr. Fitzpatrick addresses a sort of anxiety about the future of texts produced in the age of networked publishing systems. This anxiety lies in underlying assumptions that printed books are tangible/material/durable while digital texts and data are insubstantial/ephemeral/fragile. Dr. Fitzpatrick dismantles this binary […]

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Lexicon of DH

Last Thursday’s GC Digital Fellows Workshop, “The Lexicon of DH,” as the title suggests, provided attendees with a great overview of tools and terms to better understand DH and possible DH projects. Jojo Karlin’s presentation began with a simple parsing of the term “Digital Humanities” as follows: Digital Humanities projects use digital methods of research […]

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  • Welcome to Digital Praxis 2016-2017

    Encouraging students think about the impact advancements in digital technology have on the future of scholarship from the moment they enter the Graduate Center, the Digital Praxis Seminar is a year-long sequence of two three-credit courses that familiarize students with a variety of digital tools and methods through lectures offered by high-profile scholars and technologists, hands-on workshops, and collaborative projects. Students enrolled in the two-course sequence will complete their first year at the GC having been introduced to a broad range of ways to critically evaluate and incorporate digital technologies in their academic research and teaching. In addition, they will have explored a particular area of digital scholarship and/or pedagogy of interest to them, produced a digital project in collaboration with fellow students, and established a digital portfolio that can be used to display their work. The two connected three-credit courses will be offered during the Fall and Spring semesters as MALS classes for master’s students and Interdisciplinary Studies courses for doctoral students.

    The syllabus for the course can be found at

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