A digital memorial to lynching

Just today, I found a new project that covers many of the requirements I had previously outlined for a temporal and spatial representing of lynching in the U.S. Additional ideas I had, such as representing various associations between lynching and other phenomena remain worthwhile, but would require too much redundant effort to propose as a group project. Nevertheless, […]

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Project Proposal: ÑYC. Hispanic Culture in New York City

What It Is and Why It Happened An online platform that gathers, displays, and promotes events concerning Hispanic culture around the City of New York. There currently does not exist a digital platform where to find cultural activities related to Spanish-speaking countries and territories from both sides of the Atlantic. Of course, users can easily […]

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Zine Union Catalog: proposal by Jenna Freedman

Overview[1] For several years, zine librarians across North America have been collaborating to build a union catalog for zines. A “union catalog” is a resource where libraries can share cataloging and holdings information, the prime example being WorldCat, which has thousands of member libraries. A union catalog allows librarians to copy catalog records and facilitates […]

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end/line week 10

We are approaching to the end of the semester, so – as it is logical – we are starting to think about the requirements we have to complete for the class. This class, being a kind of unicum, will allow us – for this semester – not only to work together for all the semester, […]

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end/line 04/30/2017 update

It’s finally May – which means that the clock is ticking down to both our presentation day and the day that the grant proposal should somewhat be together. Iuri is going through a couple more rounds of beta testing which means I’ll be on my feet to address any issues or feedback that might come […]

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end/line Weekly Diary: 30 April

Approaching 17 May, we remain in a relatively good position, though we have a fair amount of work to complete in disparate areas. See below for more details on each of these. Presentation. While we’ll use Wednesday’s class to run through our 10–15 minute presentation, I want to ensure that everyone will have an opportunity […]

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ZUC In Review

The Zine Union Catalog has been coming along relatively well. However, the Spring break caused some sluggish progress in development because co-working in person became difficult. The reason this caused issues is because my work relied heavily on cooperative work with Lauren on the creation of maps, data imports, and other metadata-specific objectives. Once the […]

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end/line — Week 9 Journal

Last week was our first official beta test. Most of the feedback was related to the front-end, but the back-end did get some criticism for the XML validation script. Going in, I already knew that it wasn’t going to be adequate for real TEI validation. And that’s exactly what the beta testers wanted. Creating my […]

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ZUC Weekly Update – 4.23.17

This was our first group meeting outside of class since spring break and we spent the first 15 minutes catching up on the work completed during class this past Wednesday since Lauren was absent.  After that, we set up a priority plan which was mapping for the bulk upload of data sets and organizing the […]

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endline week 8(?)

We’re slowly entering the final stretch and even though it’s nerve-wracking, it’s great to see how far we’ve come with developing this thing. We got past our beta test, had a couple of meetings with consultants and now are figuring out what’s left to develop between me and Brian for the next week or two […]

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end/line Weekly Diary: 23 April

Two events this past week proved elucidating, and both have helped me gain newer, much needed perspectives on the project. First, during Wednesday’s class, Jojo and Lisa provided good critiques of the current iteration of the app. Jojo encouraged me, and our group, to develop more of a pedagogical frame that allows both new and […]

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What’s Next After Beta Testing? (Changes, Then More Beta Testing): end/line Group Post

This past Thursday, Iuri organized a beta testing session with a number of literature scholars at Ryerson University in Toronto. We provided the five testers with an invitation letter, detailing the general instructions for testing, and a form to record their responses. Iuri also made himself available during the testing hours to answer any essential […]

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end/line: week 9

Spring Break was necessary to put together our thoughts about end/line development and to better define the technical features and the graphical aspect of our app. Indeed, on April 20th we hosted our first beta test, so it was necessary to set up a beta version of end/line that works at its best. The test was […]

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