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end/line — Week 12 Journal

Today’s the final day. I’ve been putting the finishing touches on things and figuring out exactly what I’m going to say at the presentation tonight. I still want to go through the code and put in some comments to make parsing it easier in the future, but there’s still time for that. Along with some […]

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end/line — Week 11 Journal

The last big thing to work on is making the XML validation script more robust. I’ve been trying to bring in official TEI XSDs and DTDs, but I’ve been running into some issues with getting the schemas to work. That might just have to do with my inexperience with those file formats, so I’m going […]

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end/line — Week 10 Journal

Greg mostly covered what I’ve been working on in the last week. My main goal has been getting the inner workings of the site up and running. Most of it is tedious work at this point, to be honest. Do you ever think about how websites implement resetting passwords and sending account verification emails? It’s […]

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end/line — Week 9 Journal

Last week was our first official beta test. Most of the feedback was related to the front-end, but the back-end did get some criticism for the XML validation script. Going in, I already knew that it wasn’t going to be adequate for real TEI validation. And that’s exactly what the beta testers wanted. Creating my […]

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end/line — Week 6 Journal

This week saw the website finally starting to come together. Most of what came before was just Greg building the front-end skeletons and EJS views, but now the real meat of the project is being implemented. It ended up going pretty well. I didn’t have any issues with the coding or anything, and things worked […]

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end/line Week 5 — Journal

The last week has mostly seen Greg put the finishing touches on the basics of the front-end. On my side, I’ve been building some queries and fixing minor bugs that I’ve already found. As of now, the system for logging in and out works completely and there’s only a “My Account” button in the nav […]

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end/line Week 4 – Diary

While Greg has been working on the front-end of end/line, I’ve been continuing with the back-end. Over the last week, I built the infrastructure for the user accounts and logging in and out. I used something called passport.js, which covers setting up and sessions and cookies and all the good stuff. I’m waiting until I […]

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end/line Week 3 — Diary and Biography

The last week for me has been about two things: provisioning the PostgreSQL database and making strides towards implementing the EJS back-end infrastructure that Greg will need for the front-end. For those that don’t know, EJS is a templating language built on top of JavaScript. It’s very simple to use and works similarly to how […]

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end/line — DMP, ERD, and Me

Data management is extremely important on the back-end side of a project, which is where I’m situated right now. Honestly, data management is most of what I need to do. The most important aspect of it (and will eventually affect how the data is sent to and from the front-end) is how the data tables […]

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end/line — Week 1

For the encoded poetry project (now known as end/line), I’ve been assigned as the main back-end developer. I do have a lot of experience in this role in both professional and personal projects, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to bring in some expertise and explore with new technologies and ways of thinking that will […]

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