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Final Project – Classroom Library

For my final project, I decided on creating a project proposal. As some of you may remember, I gave a short presentation in the last class about it. It was an application for a classroom library. I also did a short demonstration of the first iteration I made a few months ago. That version is […]

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Google Scholar Workshop

A little over a month ago I attended a Google Scholar workshop on what it is and how to create your profile. It was an eye-opening experience, mostly because it made me aware that I have absolutely nothing available to go on my profile! I’m still pretty young and new in the academia scene, so […]

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ER Diagrams

With our final papers due within a week, I thought I might make a post about something that could be useful for anyone writing a project proposal. A big part about a lot of digital projects is the database. Representing that in a written format can be difficult, but luckily there is a way! I’m […]

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Digital Humanities Now: Making Brian Happy Again

As I’m sure many others can empathize with, this election hit me hard. Frankly, it’s scared my socks off and it’s still causing a few sleepless nights. I find myself staring at nothing, with these horrible thoughts running through my head. As a lover of all things political, this is supposed to be an enjoyable […]

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Data Project: Crime Rates in NYC Public Schools

For my project, I focused on the number of different crimes in New York City public schools. View the results of my project (including my blog post about it) at my website and view the Github repository with the resulting CSV files and Python script. Please leave any comment here. I’d love to have anyone with […]

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How to Access Subway Data

Last week, we talked about data pertaining to the subway in class and I brought up that I work for New York City Transit myself. I’ve been meaning to write a short blog post about how to access the MTA API. A good amount of free data is available, including the actual arrival times for […]

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The New and Improved HTML

Near the end of the last class, there was a discussion about markup and why we use HTML in web design. I wanted to share a little about what I know then, but decided that a more detailed blog post would be more appropriate. A short comment on it in class wouldn’t scratch the surface. […]

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  • Welcome to Digital Praxis 2016-2017

    Encouraging students think about the impact advancements in digital technology have on the future of scholarship from the moment they enter the Graduate Center, the Digital Praxis Seminar is a year-long sequence of two three-credit courses that familiarize students with a variety of digital tools and methods through lectures offered by high-profile scholars and technologists, hands-on workshops, and collaborative projects. Students enrolled in the two-course sequence will complete their first year at the GC having been introduced to a broad range of ways to critically evaluate and incorporate digital technologies in their academic research and teaching. In addition, they will have explored a particular area of digital scholarship and/or pedagogy of interest to them, produced a digital project in collaboration with fellow students, and established a digital portfolio that can be used to display their work. The two connected three-credit courses will be offered during the Fall and Spring semesters as MALS classes for master’s students and Interdisciplinary Studies courses for doctoral students.

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