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end/line 04/30/2017 update

It’s finally May – which means that the clock is ticking down to both our presentation day and the day that the grant proposal should somewhat be together. Iuri is going through a couple more rounds of beta testing which means I’ll be on my feet to address any issues or feedback that might come […]

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ZUC Weekly Update – 4.23.17

This was our first group meeting outside of class since spring break and we spent the first 15 minutes catching up on the work completed during class this past Wednesday since Lauren was absent.  After that, we set up a priority plan which was mapping for the bulk upload of data sets and organizing the […]

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endline week 8(?)

We’re slowly entering the final stretch and even though it’s nerve-wracking, it’s great to see how far we’ve come with developing this thing. We got past our beta test, had a couple of meetings with consultants and now are figuring out what’s left to develop between me and Brian for the next week or two […]

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ZUC Weekly Update 4.12.17

On Saturday, April 8, the ZUC team met to recap the week’s progress and to plan for the week of spring break and beyond.  As the semester is moving into the home stretch, we wanted to make sure we are on task for the weeks ahead. Since Marti was not feeling well last week during […]

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ZUC Weekly Update 4.2.17

Our team met yesterday and was able to make some progress on some of the back end programming that was perplexing us in addition to continuing our outreach to the ZUC Advisory Board and answer some additional design questions.  Once again, Eric Goldhagen joined us to provide some guidance on programming Collective Access within the […]

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Zine Union Catalog Communications Plan

We have a zine union catalog project communications plan in a shared document you can comment on. Feedback wanted! Detail of Kitty Magick Zine from RAHrchive

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Zinecat Project review

The zinecat project is moving slowly forward, chugging along so to speak. There are several prominent issues I have encountered that I’d like to review here at the outset. First, what drew me to the project was the assumed ease of development through the use of Collective Access (CA). While it is undoubtedly easier than […]

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end/line Week 4 – Diary

While Greg has been working on the front-end of end/line, I’ve been continuing with the back-end. Over the last week, I built the infrastructure for the user accounts and logging in and out. I used something called passport.js, which covers setting up and sessions and cookies and all the good stuff. I’m waiting until I […]

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Lauren Biographical Statement

As an early-ish career librarian in a small liberal arts inclined academic library, I have wanted to develop my technical skills in support of library functions by participating in digital humanities projects and scholarship.  This is currently being accomplished through the pursuit of a second masters degree from the CUNY Graduate Center’s MALS in Digital […]

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ZUC Data Management Plan

Summary of Project: – A cross­-repository resource for zine research, providing access to metadata about as many zines, and in as many ways (linked open data, links to digital content, etc.) as possible. – A collaborative platform for cataloging zines and their creators, by persons both within and external to the library profession. – A […]

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