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end/line blog 5/13

For the website, the last bit of code I had to make sure fit was the “How It Works” page. I figured out how to import TL’s YouTube videos through easy iframe embeds, but the challenge was getting it to play nice across screen resolutions. After a couple of different attempts and consulting the Bootstrap/jquery […]

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end/line weekly diary (week of 5/7)

At this point I’ve given up on figuring out which diary number this is, and I think I’ll settle with this. On my plate for this final week is working with Tom to get the How it Works page up and running using the template we have for it now, and finalizing how the demo […]

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end/line 04/30/2017 update

It’s finally May – which means that the clock is ticking down to both our presentation day and the day that the grant proposal should somewhat be together. Iuri is going through a couple more rounds of beta testing which means I’ll be on my feet to address any issues or feedback that might come […]

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endline week 8(?)

We’re slowly entering the final stretch and even though it’s nerve-wracking, it’s great to see how far we’ve come with developing this thing. We got past our beta test, had a couple of meetings with consultants and now are figuring out what’s left to develop between me and Brian for the next week or two […]

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end/line week 6 reflection

This week was a bit of a rush to the end in terms of making sure Brian had everything he needed to start making all of the connections on the backend. A few pages had to be cleaned up, some information had to be added, and results pages had to be skeletoned out so they […]

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end/line week 5 reflection

We’re finally approaching the final stretch for the initial prototype layouts. This week saw two upgrades: a list of aesthetic changes and information page changes from the group, and a few more skeletons to be fleshed out for the rest of the site. It’s really coming together and it’s nice to slowly see the initial […]

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end/line week 4 reflection

After plenty of tutorial time and playing around, I am getting the swing of the EJS integration with the bootstrap pages I’m creating. The focus for this week was two things – the first was taking what I already fleshed out in bootstrap, and putting it into an EJS/Express/Node environment. After a recommendation from Brian […]

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end/line week 3

Thankfully, it looks like this project is moving along pretty well. We now have our data management plan in place, and it looks like both the community management and development ends are in the trenches when it comes to the work being done. We’ve also all adapted pretty well to the workflow with Slack and […]

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Weekly Blog Post 2 – DMPs and Me

After reading a bit more into data management plans, it’s very clear how useful they are not just for large scale projects, but for my own research practices for a couple of reasons. Outlining what data you believe you’re going to collect for a project is not just helpful for record-keeping, but also determining the […]

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End/Line Week 1 Reflection

On the project, I have one main role and two assistant roles. My main role is being the frontend developer. The tasks that are included with this role are working within a framework, compiling a wireframe for review with my group, and major debugging. I have some experience with HTML/CSS and development concepts, but I’m […]

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