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Spectrm – A Proposal

Hey yall. I want to include my proposal for everyone to read and consider. You can find it on GitHub by clicking here. Alternatively, read below.   Thanks!   Abstract: Collaborative projects – whether it’s building a website or designing a proposal – requires a variety of skills and contributions. While some contributions matter more […]

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Revised Zine Union Catalog Proposal

Based on class discussion blog comments, I have revised this proposal. The primary changes are additional information on Collective Access (see the link in the appendix), an explanation of the different catalog types, thoughts on sustainability, and tweaking of language to emphasize points and to frame the project’s uniqueness more positively. Overview[1] For several years, […]

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A digital memorial to lynching

Just today, I found a new project that covers many of the requirements I had previously outlined for a temporal and spatial representing of lynching in the U.S. Additional ideas I had, such as representing various associations between lynching and other phenomena remain worthwhile, but would require too much redundant effort to propose as a group project. Nevertheless, […]

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Project Proposal: ÑYC. Hispanic Culture in New York City

What It Is and Why It Happened An online platform that gathers, displays, and promotes events concerning Hispanic culture around the City of New York. There currently does not exist a digital platform where to find cultural activities related to Spanish-speaking countries and territories from both sides of the Atlantic. Of course, users can easily […]

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Project Proposal: Encoding as Close Reading

Please see the following link for my project proposal: https://github.com/tlewek/dh-praxis-16/blob/master/dh-praxis-proposal.md. Jojo has already, and graciously, provided some feedback (specifically, recommending that I include case uses), which I plan to incorporate during the revision process.

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Project Proposal Lite: Edit Swap

What is It? An online editing platform where users request edits for their papers and edit other user’s papers with an incentivized currency system.

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Zine Union Catalog: proposal by Jenna Freedman

Overview[1] For several years, zine librarians across North America have been collaborating to build a union catalog for zines. A “union catalog” is a resource where libraries can share cataloging and holdings information, the prime example being WorldCat, which has thousands of member libraries. A union catalog allows librarians to copy catalog records and facilitates […]

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  • Welcome to Digital Praxis 2016-2017

    Encouraging students think about the impact advancements in digital technology have on the future of scholarship from the moment they enter the Graduate Center, the Digital Praxis Seminar is a year-long sequence of two three-credit courses that familiarize students with a variety of digital tools and methods through lectures offered by high-profile scholars and technologists, hands-on workshops, and collaborative projects. Students enrolled in the two-course sequence will complete their first year at the GC having been introduced to a broad range of ways to critically evaluate and incorporate digital technologies in their academic research and teaching. In addition, they will have explored a particular area of digital scholarship and/or pedagogy of interest to them, produced a digital project in collaboration with fellow students, and established a digital portfolio that can be used to display their work. The two connected three-credit courses will be offered during the Fall and Spring semesters as MALS classes for master’s students and Interdisciplinary Studies courses for doctoral students.

    The syllabus for the course can be found at cuny.is/dps17.

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