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ZUC–Project Website Draft

Firstly, this past week our team has been working on reinstalling Collective Access in order to set up the back-end of our online platform. This time, the process was fully successful. Secondly, we managed to upload part of the first metadata set from the Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP). Even though we will continue adding […]

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For this week’s collective blog post, our team started to gather information regarding general guidelines for Data Management Plans. In order to do so, we looked into our own revised workplan and also into the Data Management research guides from the Graduate Center Library. Step 1. Key Summary of the ZUC Project (This information was […]

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ZUC Personal Journal

My role in the ZUC project will be as project manager. Even though Jenna is in charge of supervising the steps we will take along the way, I will try my best to keep everything—and everyone—on track in order to meet the deadlines and accomplish our weekly goals. On the one hand, this is definitely a challenging task for […]

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ZINE UNION CATALOG: Revised Project Workplan

After the first official out-of-class meeting, the group decided on the best ways to approach the project regarding our objectives, our skillsets, and the time we have at our disposal before a project draft is due on March 22nd. Jenna’s proposal was as detailed and accurate as it can be, but we agreed on making […]

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Project Proposal: ÑYC. Hispanic Culture in New York City

What It Is and Why It Happened An online platform that gathers, displays, and promotes events concerning Hispanic culture around the City of New York. There currently does not exist a digital platform where to find cultural activities related to Spanish-speaking countries and territories from both sides of the Atlantic. Of course, users can easily […]

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Final Project: DH in Spain. Digital History Projects and Historical Memory

For my final project I decided to write a reflexive paper that investigates the current state of DH in Spain and how it can help deal with historical memory. To begin with, I intended to tackle some of the issues relevant to the field of digital history from a contemporary perspective, and go over some […]

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Volunteering at DHNow

From December 12th to the 18th, I had the chance to volunteer as an editor-at-large for DHNow. Overall, it was a very positive experience—even though there were a few technical problems I kept dealing with throughout the process. I am not the only one who has brought this up, so I am not going to […]

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How Facebook Is Being Used to Spy on Civilians in Israel

I was going through my notes from the last couple days of the semester and I came across this article that Kelsey (I am pretty sure she was the one who brought it up) mentioned in class at one point about how the IDF is monitoring what Israeli citizens say on Facebook. As it turns […]

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Another Perspective on Mapping

This week I have been volunteering to be an editor-at-large for Digital Humanities Now (my post regarding my experience will be coming up in the next few days). I just wanted to take a moment to comment on one piece of news I came across. The article I am referring to is the following one: […]

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DH Praxis Seminar – Data Project: A Queer Topography of Weimar Berlin

In one of my other classes this semester (Women, Gender and Fascism in 20th Century Europe), I am exploring the topic of how Weimar Berlin (1918-33) profoundly shaped urban homosexual aesthetics and identity. Urban life enabled social outsiders—such as female and male homosexuals—to not only create, but also define their own space, identity and narrative. […]

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