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Zine Union Catalog Communications Plan

We have a zine union catalog project communications plan in a shared document you can comment on. Feedback wanted! Detail of Kitty Magick Zine from RAHrchive

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Sticker Mule

This is just some information sharing. I love Sticker Mule! I’m partial to their die cut stickers, which always seem to come out cheaper than the price listed. Here is some of their handiwork: Sticker Mule is in NYC, and their turnaround time is fast.

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Data Management for an Information Professional

I wrote this in my diary last week, which I’ve been keeping private because I’m a weirdo, but I just realized the non-journal assignments should go here.  In my personal and professional practices, I have data, photos, and files in/on (as I think of them): Dropbox My work network drive Work Google drive Personal Google drive Facebook […]

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Revised Zine Union Catalog Proposal

Based on class discussion blog comments, I have revised this proposal. The primary changes are additional information on Collective Access (see the link in the appendix), an explanation of the different catalog types, thoughts on sustainability, and tweaking of language to emphasize points and to frame the project’s uniqueness more positively. Overview[1] For several years, […]

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DH Week Workshop: Design-Based Thinking for Humanists

I think I would have loved this workshop, if Niko hadn’t gotten involved. I signed up for Design-Based Thinking for Humanists for my DH Week workshop assignment. It appealed to me because I am not a designer, but having recently employed one at work, I’ve learned how magical what they do is. I’d like to be […]

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Zine Union Catalog: proposal by Jenna Freedman

Overview[1] For several years, zine librarians across North America have been collaborating to build a union catalog for zines. A “union catalog” is a resource where libraries can share cataloging and holdings information, the prime example being WorldCat, which has thousands of member libraries. A union catalog allows librarians to copy catalog records and facilitates […]

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Digital Humanities–a Definition At Last! | Lower East Side Librarian

Howdy–I realized I never made a final project post, so here it is! In completing my final project for my digital praxis class I finally came up with my personal definition of digital humanities. I included it in my paper as this “reflective sidebar.” Read more at: Digital Humanities–a Definition At Last! | Lower East Side […]

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Tableau Public Workshop | Lower East Side Librarian

My experience with Tableau Public (TP) may be colored by the fact that I am annoyed by its free-as-in-beer-for-some-people-and-not-at-all-free-as-in-speech status and the fact that you have to log in every step of the way. I dutifully created an account on my computer and downloaded the software, but when I tried to launch it, I got […]

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DH school data project data set | Lower East Side Librarian

Zine Content Comparison Introduction As the curator and cataloger of a zine library with holdings going back to the early 1990s I am sometimes asked to comment on how zines have changed over time. I read and catalog zines out of time, as they rise to the top of the processing queue, which makes it […]

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My Week as a dh+lib Editor-at-Large | Lower East Side Librarian

I spent the last week as an editor-at-large on dh+lib: where the digital humanities and libraries meet.   To keep reading, go to: My Week as a dh+lib Editor-at-Large | Lower East Side Librarian

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