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end/line Week 3 — Diary and Biography

The last week for me has been about two things: provisioning the PostgreSQL database and making strides towards implementing the EJS back-end infrastructure that Greg will need for the front-end. For those that don’t know, EJS is a templating language built on top of JavaScript. It’s very simple to use and works similarly to how […]

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end/line Weekly Diary and Biographical Statement

Everything keeps moving—that has been the most important aspect of the past week. Steve Zweibel’s visit to class last Wednesday was informative, and his presentation encouraged me to articulate, in our data management plan, how we can document our conversations and development processes for those interested in the project in the future. Brian’s sketch of […]

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end/line: week 3

During the last class, we have been asked to focus on our data management plan, another fundamental step for the development of our digital project. Indeed, end/line is an app where users can upload poems in plain text, encode them following TEI Guidelines and finally compare their own encoding with other users. So, we will deal […]

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end/line — DMP, ERD, and Me

Data management is extremely important on the back-end side of a project, which is where I’m situated right now. Honestly, data management is most of what I need to do. The most important aspect of it (and will eventually affect how the data is sent to and from the front-end) is how the data tables […]

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end/line: week 2

During our last class meeting, we started to discuss about data management, trying to define which kind of datas we need to build our project and, also, sketching a first graphical, “concrete” draft of it by pen and paper. My duties are related to the Community Management of the project, especially considering the TEI Community. So, during […]

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Weekly Blog Post 2 – DMPs and Me

After reading a bit more into data management plans, it’s very clear how useful they are not just for large scale projects, but for my own research practices for a couple of reasons. Outlining what data you believe you’re going to collect for a project is not just helpful for record-keeping, but also determining the […]

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Sustainable (and Political?) Research Practices

While data management plans might seem like pro forma requirements for digital humanities grants, they also encourage scholars to chronicle the details of and the infrastructures that support their projects. For example, a grant application to digitize a mural in New Mexico mentions that “hundreds of digital images will be stitched together to create a […]

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Pulling It Together

After the rush of last week, I’ve started to focus on the details of end/line (the new, group-approved name for the “encoding as close reading” project). I’ll be serving as project director and project manager, articulating its overall vision and ensuring that our group of five keeps it on track. Obviously, the need to communicate […]

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ZUC Personal Journal

My role in the ZUC project will be as project manager. Even though Jenna is in charge of supervising the steps we will take along the way, I will try my best to keep everything—and everyone—on track in order to meet the deadlines and accomplish our weekly goals. On the one hand, this is definitely a challenging task for […]

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Zine Catalog Development – Week 1 Reflection

Considering I have close to zero programming experience, the role of developer is rather daunting. Luckily, the reason I didn’t object to the role is that much of the developing work will be done with pre-assembled packages such as Collective Access (CA). Immediately after our class, I began researching the initial steps we will have […]

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