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These posts are from the Spring 2017 semester


What’s Next After Beta Testing? (Changes, Then More Beta Testing): end/line Group Post

This past Thursday, Iuri organized a beta testing session with a number of literature scholars at Ryerson University in Toronto. We provided the five testers with an invitation letter, detailing the general instructions for testing, and a form to record their responses. Iuri also made himself available during the testing hours to answer any essential […]

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end/line: week 9

Spring Break was necessary to put together our thoughts about end/line development and to better define the technical features and the graphical aspect of our app. Indeed, on April 20th we hosted our first beta test, so it was necessary to set up a beta version of end/line that works at its best. The test was […]

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Spring Breaking and Catching Up: end/line Group Post

With spring break now over, we’re focused on prioritizing all the work required to get a minimum viable product ready by the end of the semester. In our last class prior to the break, Hannah and Jeremy offered some helpful feedback on end/line as it exists now. Coming from a computer science background, Hannah provided […]

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ZUC Weekly Update 4.12.17

On Saturday, April 8, the ZUC team met to recap the week’s progress and to plan for the week of spring break and beyond.  As the semester is moving into the home stretch, we wanted to make sure we are on task for the weeks ahead. Since Marti was not feeling well last week during […]

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end/line week 6 reflection

This week was a bit of a rush to the end in terms of making sure Brian had everything he needed to start making all of the connections on the backend. A few pages had to be cleaned up, some information had to be added, and results pages had to be skeletoned out so they […]

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ZUC Weekly Update 4.2.17

Our team met yesterday and was able to make some progress on some of the back end programming that was perplexing us in addition to continuing our outreach to the ZUC Advisory Board and answer some additional design questions.  Once again, Eric Goldhagen joined us to provide some guidance on programming Collective Access within the […]

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end/line Weekly Diary: 2 April

After our group meeting with Kate Singer, discussed in this week’s group post, the remainder of the week has involved a good deal of housekeeping as project director and project manager. The community management and development teams continue to work, mainly, in their own spheres, so I’m trying to stay up-to-date with both. Iuri has […]

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Group Post, end/line

This past week were able to break out from the classroom, slightly, when we spoke with Kate Singer from Mount Holyoke. Kate will serve as an advisor to end/line, and her comments, questions, and suggestions on Wednesday granted us some new perspectives on our work thus far. After we introduced ourselves, discussed our roles, and […]

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end/line: week 6

During last class, we had for the first time the opportunity to receive a feedback from a person not as involved as us in the development of our app, end/line. Of course we have received other feedbacks previously, but they were either indirect (such as the testers we tried to involve through call for participations, who […]

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end/line: week 5

Last week, I focused mainly on the draft of the invitation letter we will send to the beta testers of end/line with the information about the date and the modalities of the test. This task is not as simple as it could appear, because it requested to consider multiple and different aspects of the test […]

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